This is the Firefly III CSV importer documentation. Welcome!

What is the CSV Importer?

The Firefly III CSV Importer is a tool that you can use you import data from CSV files into Firefly III. It has several interesting features, and it can be used to import data manually, semi-automated or entirely automated.

Why is it a separate tool?

Firefly III used to have a CSV importer built right in. However, it turned out that this is impossible to maintain and prone to errors. It's a lot cleaner to use a separate tool, and easier too.

How can I use it?

You can install the CSV importer either self hosted, through Docker variant, or by using the online variant. Keep in mind that the online variant is hosted by yours truly and doesn't guarantee the privacy or safety of the documents you upload.

Can I see the code?

You can find the source of Firefly III and the Firefly III CSV importer on GitHub.